PVB Poly Rattan

PVB poly rattan is manufactured by coating PVB on a PET yarn which offers a rattan-like texture and scratch free surface. The PVB poly rattan has a stronger and softer texture when compares to most of the current market product; moreover, the PVB poly rattan does not contain plasticizers and produce dioxins.
  1. Recyclable material, non-toxic, zero dioxins, plasticizer-free, and decomposable
  2. Soft, scratch free, and mildew free
  3. Waterproof, sunlight, and weather resistant
  4. Tensile, tear, abrasion resistant, and durable
  5. REACH certified and colorfastness to light at 200 hours as per AATCC standard
  6. Excellent outdoor furniture materia

  1. Indoor/Outdoor braided furniture: patio chair, table, and sofa
  2. Various type of mats: floor mats, yoga mats, and table placemats
  3. Other: braided basket and bag material