PE Slene
Mesh Fabrics

Sensing the increasing market demand for toxic-free and Eco-friendly materials, HUNG HANG SHING INDUSTRY CO., LTD., has successfully developed a groundbreaking plasticizer-free PE coated polyester yarn named PE Slene in 2010. The material is more Eco-friendly than the traditional PVC coated yarn. PE Slene has passed plasticizer tests and is compliant with LFGB and REACH standards.


  1. Plasticizer-free, safe and durable.
  2. Soft and light weight.
  3. Sun shading and airy.
  4. Waterproof and weather resistant.
  5. Tear and abrasion resistant.
  6. LFGB and REACH certified.



  1. Table place mats
  2. Upholstery / accessories: folding chair, curtain, screen, mat and rug.
  3. Others: bags, luggage, shoes, back protector, pet gear, fencing and etc.
Item No. Specification
PE-16-021~022 16T*16T/1000d*1000d
PE-20-001~002 20T*18T/1000d*1000d
PE-22-001~005 22T*18T/1000d*1000d
PE-36D-019B、021B、024B 36T*12T/500d*1000d
PE-36-021~026、004 36T*12T/500d*1000d
PE-36-101 36T*22T/1000d*1000d
PE-40-002~003 40T*12T/500d*1000d
PE-40-004J 40T*12T/500d*1000d
PE-12-001 12T*5T/1000d*1000d
PE-12-002 12T*7T/1000d*1000d