PVB Slene
Mesh Fabrics

PVB is a predominant material for the interlayer of safety glass , PVB coated polyester yarn is manufactured by coating PVB materials on a PET yarn. The physical properties of PVB mesh fabrics are not only comply with PVC mesh fabrics, but also softer. Moreover, it does not contain plasticizers and produce the pollution of Dioxin. 

Product Features:
  • Non-toxic, plasticizer-free, durable, and decomposable.
  • Soft and light weight.
  • Colorfastness at 200 hours, weathering test over 1,000 hours.
  • Waterproof, breathable, sunlight and weather resistant.
  • Tensile, tear, and abrasion resistant.
  • REACH certified
  • Excellent outdoor furniture material

Usage for PERE mesh fabrics:
  1. Table place mats,runner.
  2. Outdoor furniture: patio chair, wheel chair, beach chair, folding chair, beach cot, solar shades and chaise lounge chair.
  3. Upholstery / accessories:  drawer liner, curtain, screen, mat, rug.
  4. Others: bags, luggage, shoes, back protector, pet gear, fencing, etc.
Itme No. Specification
PERE-22-TT01~TT006 22*18/1000d*1000d-389g/Sq. yard
PERE-16-TT01,TT04 16*16/1000d*1000d-311g/Sq. yard
PERE-16-TT02,TT03 16*12/1000d*1000d-272g/Sq. yard
PERE-22D-TT01~TT12 two colors 22*12/1000d*1000d-330g/Sq.