Sun Screen Fabrics


  1. Excellent properties of fire resistance, corrosion resistance and heat resistance.
  2. UV resistance.
  3. Good ventilation.
  4. High strength, stable structure.
  5. Easy cleaning.
  6. Non-smell.


Usage for Sun screen fabrics:

  1. Large patio enclosures.
  2. Insect window screen and door screen.
  3. Curtain.
Item No Specification Width 
H70-168~178 48X48/150DX150D 72"(180cm)
(PVC:85% Polyester:15%) 98"(250cm)
THVS 48X48/150DX150D 72"(180cm)
THVS (PVC:78% Polyester:11% Glass:11%) 98"(250cm)