PE Eco-Friendly
Table Place Mats


  1. Plasticizer-free, safe and durable.
  2. Soft and light weight.
  3. Sun shading and airy.
  4. Waterproof and weather resistant.
  5. Tear and abrasion resistant.
  6. LFGB and REACH certified.



  1. Table place mats
  2. Upholstery / accessories: folding chair, curtain, screen, mat and rug.
  3. Others: bags, luggage, shoes, back protector, pet gear and etc.
Item No. Specification
PE-36D-3325~3333 36X12 - 150DX150D
PE-36D-3322A~3322C 36X12 - 150DX150D
PE-36D-5T06 36X12 - 500DX500D
PE-36D-5510 36X12 - 500DX500D
PE-40-81025501~85025506 40X14 - 500DX500D
PE-40-81025507D~85025508D 40X14 - 500DX500D